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Impossible to connect slicer to multiples pivots charts on excel mac

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Hi, I'm trying to connect a slicer to multiples pivots charts, but unfortunately it's not working.


In the report connections section of the slicer, I can only select 1 table. Other table are not showing up.

(see screenshot below)Slicer Report ConnectionsSlicer Report Connections


Both of my tables have the same columns:

- Date 

- Values

- Country


So logically, my slicer who's connected to "Country" should be able to work on both graph.


1st pivot table:

1st pivot table1st pivot table


2nd pivot table:

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 15.03.41.png


I'm using the version 16.79.2 on mac. 

I would really appreciate your help :)


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