Importing stock values into Excel

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For the past year I am hearing about the new excel option that will enable to import live stock values. While this option exists for a long time in Google Sheets, and it works extremely well, I am wondering why does it takes for Microsoft so much time to add this feature?

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Hi Ofer,


No doubt the first to come up with this idea is Google.

The reason is that Google wants Google Sheet to compete with Excel, and to have features not found in the Excel to attract users.


But I think that the Excel team since that time has put this feature in their future plans, and they have recently included it differently and in more appropriate manner, as it is a data type in the Excel, while in Google Sheet, it is a function (GOOGLEFINANCE).


I think the reason for this delay is that the Excel team was busy working on certain features and projects that can not be delayed.


Another reason I believe is that Microsoft should first support and update its search engine (Bing) and the services required for this feature before launching this feature.
While Google has been able to do so since it has the largest search engine in the world, and its services were ready.



I am new to this and want some help in inputting info. to retrieve correct stock data. Specifically having trouble with some Canadian stocks. Most work fine. For example when I input TO.NTR i get the correct CDN stock. However when I try a CDN REIT like Granite Real Estate Investment Trust (GRT-UN) Iget nothing at all. Is there a guide somewhere. Understand Bloomberg is the source of this data. Help would be appreciated.



Hi Keith,


Unfortunately, I am currently stuck in Excel 2019, not Office 365!

So I can't access this feature to figure out the problem!


I suggest you ask this question in a new conversation from here.

So that other members can see it.




I have been trying for some time to import data on individual stocks that are NOT part of the new  "GET DATA-STOCKS" workflow in Excel (office 365). Specifically, I need dividend data. 


I have tried "GET DATA/From other sources/Web" and pasted links to my Fidelity brokerage quote page.  I have entered my username and PW in the provide credentials dialog box, to no avail.  I have also tried to load a link to a free quote page, and likewise this Get Data function does not display the tables.  


Anyone have any work arounds?

Use IXBRAnalyst. You'll to get real-time access to financial data in excel. It works on any of your devices. Let me know if this is helpful