Importing old xls files into Excel 365

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Hi ...

I am trying to set a query of this file, into Excel 365, but it seems to be a problem.


Some comments I've got is that this is not a real xls-file.

Others says that Microsoft have prevented any query from older xls-format.

How can I get this query to work?

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@Øyvind Granberg 

The workbook is actually a HTML file (web page) that has been saved with extension .xls.

You can open it in Excel (tell Excel to open it anyway when it displays a warning).

If you then press F12 to display the Save As dialog, you'll see that Excel wants to save it as a HTML file (web page):



Change the file type to Excel workbook (*.xlsx) to save it as a "real" workbook. You can then use this in your query.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks for an quick answer.

But, I can't set this file up as a query in Excel 365.

I'll get get an message that it can't be done.

@Øyvind Granberg 

Have you tried opening the .xls file in Excel, saving it as .xlsx and then using the .xlsx file in your query, instead of the .xls file that doesn't work?

@Hans Vogelaar 

Yes ... It works okay this way, but I hoped to avoid this detour.