Importing cell info from another sheet

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I have several questions, because I am an Excel learner.  No expert.


On Sheet1, I'm using the function/formula ='Sheet2'! along with the cell number I'm trying to pull info from and pulling it into a cell on Sheet1.  If the Sheet2 cell is blank, why is it pulling a zero into the cell on Sheet1.  What do I need to do to keep it blank?


Also, if a cell from Sheet2 has something in it and I want it changed to an X on Sheet1, how do I accomplish that?


Last question, if I want to pull information from a range of cells on Sheet2 into one cell on Sheet1, can I do that?


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For question 1 a blank cell defaults to 0 when pulled like that, you can either change cell formatting to format 0 as blank or write your formula as =IF(Sheet2!A1<>0,Sheet2!A1,"").


For question 3, yes, this depends on how exactly you would want this displayed in a single cell. 


I don't entirely understand what you are asking for question 2, if sheet 2 has a specific value in a cell then you want it to read as "X"?


Thank you for the reply!
Question 1: I didn't get time today, but I will try this.
Questions 2: yes, Sheet 1, is a work order and X's a box for a specific machine process
Question 3: Usually, the range of cells I'm pulling from only has something in one of the cells, so it wouldn't be pulling info from multiple cells...just looking at which one to pull from...I hope that makes sense.