Importing Access on Power Query

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Hello everyone,


I would appreciate your help in what I imagine is a simple matter.


At work I'm trying to create a dashboard from the database in Access which generates codes and control any documentation from the laboratory. Using Power Query, I'm creating those reports and charts that I need. However, I get&transform data from the Access throughout the tables I insert data, and in some columns I have List Box that are SQL queries (basic lookup with criteria). Those columns are extremely important to me but do not show on Power Query editor so I can transform them.


On the contrary, exporting from the Access to excel or obtaining those tables on Power Pivot, columns appear properly


Any ideas why I'm missing those columns on Power Query? Is there any configuration I should turn on?


Thank you!

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I am guessing you have a related table with information which shows up in the child table in the field which has the relationship to the other table. You should import both tables separately (in PQ) and then join them together in Excel's data model so you can use -for example- a pivottable.