Importing a Table containing data validation lists into new sheet and keep data validation lists

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I'm trying to create a team dashboard where only one of five tables is imported to a specified area using a selection from a dropdown list. I have 5 tables (one for each group on the team) all housed in one worksheet that have cells containing dropdown lists using data validation that pull from either team specific data tables I've named and saved or groups of cells named/saved using the "Name Manager" function. The dropdowns are unique to the cells of each of the 5 team tables. My goal is for each team to enter their data into the dashboard using their team-specific table, and then create a combined spreadsheet of all the teams' data. To do this, I've used the "IF" function. My formula is "If the value associated with Table A is selected from the dropdown, Table A is placed in the worksheet, If the value for Table B is selected, Table B is placed" and so on. The formula places the correct table in the correct area with the correct column and row text. However, the dropdown lists housed in Table A, B, etc. in the original sheet are all stripped away. Anyone have any idea how I can import both just one table using a dropdown, and any dropdown lists I have programed into the cells of each team table? Really stymied, and can't find anything here on on YouTube! Thanks in advance!

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