Importing a list of files into Excel

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I have office 365. I am trying to import access file into excel. In excel i went to data-get data-from data base-from microsoft database and import. But it is not creating a link to the access file which is what I need. What do i do to have a link to that file

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What do you mean by "it is not creating a to the access file"? What happens precisely?

Hi it imports data but if I go to queries and connection and look for connection for the access file it is not there. There is no existing link to the access file. All it does is uploads the table

Look on the Queries tab of that side pane.

That is where I was looking in data tab-Queries and connection-in Connection. the access file connection is not there. thanks for helping me

I meant this... (see screen-shot)

If there are no connections then the connection is *in* the query.

That is where I saw and I dont have any connection to the Access file

Can you attach the file here? You can remove all tabs except the one that has the data from Access. Moreover, you can simply select all the data from Access and press the Del key as that would normally not affect the connection.

I found a way. I went to Data tab-Existing connection-Browse for More and chose the file. It uploaded the table as well as made a connection. thank you so much for your replies