import the data from a pdf

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How can I import the data from a pdf into Excel? is this possible?

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Are you saying that none of these results helped? 


In all previous Excel versions, you could export the workbook as a PDF, not directly import it.

However, this changes with Office 365 (subscription version).

In these versions, an Excel import tool has been added.

This is suitable if you want to take over more than just one column.

In the Excel subscription version, you can also use the navigator to edit or remove empty columns and/or rows when you integrate the data.


Another suggested solution if you don't have this Office version is Adobe Acrobat.

Convert PDF to Excel.

You can also convert the file to Excel here.

Adobe requires at least a monthly subscription.


Of course, there are also various free ways to find on the Internet, as has already been suggested to you.

In my opinion (which shouldn't necessarily mean anything :)), these are efficient in their own right, for the short-term possibility of importing data and a bit more cumbersome than the elegant subscription version of Excel.



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