Import Hyperlinked Text into a Data Validation Drop Down Menu

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I am interested in creating a Data Validation drop down menu that contains report names (text) with an embedded hyperlink.

The way I'm doing this now is creating a table on another sheet, listing all the reports (Report 1, Report 2, etc) within that table, and then embedding hyperlinks on all those report names. Then, on another sheet, I'm creating the drop down menu through Data Validation that sources those report names. 


Right now, the drop down menu appears, and I can choose the reports, but the embedded hyperlinks don't carry over. 


Is there a way to do this? I've found some answers online that suggest workarounds using HYPERLINK pointers, but this isn't what I want to do. Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Adam,


If not embed the links under the report names the HYPERLINK could be an option. You may not embed links under your report names, but have two columns (one with names and another one with links).


With drop-down list you select Report name (not the link on it), and in another cell combine the link on it using HYPERLINK and INDEX/MATCH to find the link for it using Report name.