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Greetings would appreciate some help. New laptop with windows 10 & office 365. Unable to download csv. files to excel & separate info to columns with comma of the csv format. Region settings English South Africa. Region, Format, Additional Settings - list separator is a comma & even resetting, double OK button & reboot doesn't change the format.

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Hi! Just let’s check something:
Can you pls open the csv file in your Windows Explorer with Right-Click it and choose „Open with....“
Maybe your brandnew stuff does not know that csv shall be opened with excel. Can you open it now? Greets, Eva

Please clarify what is your last sentence means

list separator is a comma & even resetting, double OK button & reboot doesn't change the format

What is your default list separator, comma or not?

You tried to change it, from what on what?


 Hi Eva,

Thanks for your reply, sorry for the late response.

I can do open with right click 'open with' & that is set for excel. The problem is that our banks provide statements for downloading only in csv format. During the download comma separation does not function leaving all detail in one line. This is the same whether saved as excel or as csv.

I had similar problem on previous laptop & managed to resolve it by changing the regional settings - for some reason doing that with this one dose not work.

Greetings Gret



Hi Sergei,

thanks for your response, apologies for my late return.

If I to 'Control Panel', 'Region', 'Formats', Additional Settings' - the list separator is already a comma ,  Tried re entering it & then 'apply' didn't work, read somewhere double click 'OK' also didn't help. Then tried with rebooting, but still no help. Region settings are all identical to my previous laptop, but perhaps something has been changed now.

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