Import CSV Data into PowerQuery without Reliance on FIle therafter


I'm a very basic user of excel but trying to become more sophisticated in what I do with it.  Often these days I find myself needing to import CSV data from a .csv text file. I generally use the Data -> New Query From -> option to create a power query and then I can do other cool stuff. One thing that I find frustrating though is this method seems to link the data set to the CSV file. I often delete the CSV file after importing it. Later, if I need to modify the DAC query etc. it's tells me I cant for certain operations as the Data source cannot be found. Is there a method to import the CSV data into excel directly without any reliance on the underlying file? 

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"method to import" assumes you have some data source from which to import. You only may duplicate this data source moving from external file into Excel sheet. Power Query csv file, load into Excel sheet as table and remove the query. Table becomes not refreshable. Power Query this table, do any transformations you need, land result into another table.

I got it! Just import the data into a table then query from that table as it lives in the Excel workbook. Makes sense. Thanks Sergei!