Implicit Intersection Operator @ Breaking Formulas

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Similar to the conversations linked above, Excel's update to insert the implicit intersection operator @ is breaking my formulas.  Here is a very simple example.  Excel changed my formula =NUMBERVALUE(G3) to =@NUMBERVALUE(G3), creating a NAME? error (screenshot attached).


Is there any way to turn off this behavior?  On one of the linked conversations, someone suggested disabling the "Suggest formula variations that are supported by older versions of Excel" option under Options > Formulas, and the user reported that that did not fix it.

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Hello @JuliaOneGoal,

did you try to replace the @ operator?

We have fixed a similar problem by replacing all @.


Hi @GabyS!  Yes, I just went in and changed the formulas back to what they were before, without the @ operator.  So far it's been working like it used to.  My only concern at this point is whether Excel will put the @ operator back in.

Hi @JuliaOneGoal,

seems like there is some attribute saved in the workbook, which prevents Excel from putting the @ back in. But I share your concern! Nobody can tell, what future updates will change!