Implementing Automatic Value Increase in Excel Column

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I am reaching out to inquire about a feature I am trying to implement in an Excel spreadsheet and could use your expertise. I am attempting to create a column where I can select from two different values, and upon selection, the next cell automatically displays a set of updated values. Allow me to explain the desired functionality:

  1. When I select a cell in column B, for example, B10, I want it to display two options: "ir001" and "sr001".
  2. Upon selecting one of these options (e.g., "sr001"), I would like the same cell (B10) to store that selected value.
  3. Simultaneously, the next cell (B11) should display a new set of options based on the selection made in B10. For instance, if "sr001" was chosen in B10, B11 should display "ir002" and "sr002".
  4. The process should repeat for subsequent selections, ensuring that each selection updates the options available in the next cell.
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1. can be done by using the Data, Validation feature of Excel
2. Is then also resolved
3. See:

Hi @Jan Karel Pieterse 

thanks for replay me . yes i under satand what are you saying but i am looking for defferents one like you have unlimited Leamon cabbage. and you give Rob or west side one leamon so in qnty section it will be lemon001.ok

next line abhi or east side give one cabbage so in Qnty section it will be cabbage001.
next line someone or north section give one lemon (in there my question is start) in qnty section when i click its show me automictically show me the option lemon002. 

please help this to made this . thank you


Please provide example data, including the expected outcome.