Imbedding text and column values into a cell

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We have a worksheet that shows some graph data and needs additional explanation, with imbedded words from a column. The graph shows an emotional characteristic (IE - Dominated or Controlled) based on the responses to various questions. There are 8 different characteristics (Pressure Patterns). 


We need to add an explanation area to that worksheet that lists the Pressure Pattern, it's percentage, text and then all the words from a range in a column on a different worksheet that are not "False". We need to list the highest Pressure pattern first (based on row 9) and then fill each subsequent row based on the descending value. Example of what we really want to have displayed in a single cell, or row if we can not do in single cell, is on the attached file. 

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Guessing the form has nothing to offer for help on this! @Norm_Jennings 



If you have the TEXTJOIN function, you could try the formulas in the attached workbook. If not, then I wouldn't know a way to do it w/o vba. 


It uses a named formula, RANKINGS, to map the column numbers in order from largest to smallest and provide a crosswalk. So, when changing the ranges to your data, be sure to change that one as well.


Also, if you have the latest excel version, you could modify it to use newer functions (LET, FILTER) that would allow you to incorporate the named formula and eliminate the IF statement to filter the false's out of your data (or someone here may yet offer a more modern solution).