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I have tables with variable data, I want insert images linked with codes in the table (not from drop drown), if one code changes, the images changes too. 

Attached sample file, the criteria cells are green colored. 

Thank you

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Hi @yennyg


there is a concept of linked pictures in Excel: Copy a cell and do a Paste special | Paste linked picture:




This way you get a picture that shows the content of the original cell, you can see the reference in the formula bar, when you select the picture:


As you need to have reference dynamic, you need to create a name for every picture that you need. So in your case, 4 names:


Instead of a fixed reference, you put in a formula which looks up the code:






(Note: Depending on your regional settings it might be that you need to replace ; with , in your formuals)


And then you just replace the fixed reference of the picture with the names that you just defined:


Now whenever the code in column G of the same row changes, the picture will cange.