Images automatic in excel table

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I have tables with variable data, I want insert images linked with codes in the table (not from drop drown), if one code changes, the images changes too. 

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Here is an example with pictures dynamic show, maybe it suits your plans


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Thank you Nikolino, but I need to edit in Sheet1 on original File.

If any change the green criteria, the image must change in table


Here is a link to do it yourself

How to insert image or picture dynamically in cell based on cell value in Excel?



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I did it but doesn't work to me, because I need the image changes in the table, because is a dynamic table, I want if the code changes, the images changes too in the table, not in a drop down.

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Use DropDown and highlight the input message as well as the error message, so you can manually enter the desired code in each cell individually.
It's just a thought.