Image with Cell/Formula Integrated

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I am trying to figure out how to put an image in excel while still having the ability to type over it and ideally have things pull from other sheets. The goal being to have a cover page that automatically prints with the updated info from other sheets in the file.  Is this possible? *PLS HELP*



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Hi @AugustR

  1. Insert your image in your spreadsheet
  2. Re-size and position it where ever you want it
  3. right click, select "Size and Properties..."
  4. In the right hand pane, select "Picture"
  5. Change the transparency to 50%

Now, whatever you type in a cell behind your picture will show. You may need to adjust your transparency to your desired level.








Thank you for the response! I am aware of the transparency setting. This only (kind-of) works for images like the one you photo is darker and the text doesn't look very professional when set up this there any other option besides this?? I tried throwing the image up as a background, but then it doesn't print the image...


Unfortunately you cannot print a background picture.

That's why I went directly to the transparency approach.

You said the text doesn't look very professional this way, you will obviously have to adjust the color of your text so it is still readable. Especially if your image is darker and your text is black. Or green on red for the colorblind.

If you end up finding a better solution, please share it here.


Appreciate the help! Unfortunately, transparency does not work for the task I am working on. This is where I have been simple way to just move the image to the back and pull info forward/ontop of it while still looking natural/professional/less "word art-y"