IMAGE function not working

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I'm trying to use the new IMAGE function on desktop Excel (win 11). Build 15726.20202

According to the availability info on    this function should work in my build.


However, it seems that EXCEL doesn't recognize it and shows #NAME error.



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It is the same for me, according to MyOnlineTrainigHub it is only in 365 beta channel...
I found a working version at (enable macros).
I am using the IMAGE function for QR code generation so I may just bypass excel and generate it in PowerApps and upload the image to SharePoint which I know works.


The image function is not working for me. I have the latest build Version 2211. My Office 365 is up to date.

The IMAGE function is currently listed in the 'rolling out' phase on the M365 dashboard. Very soon.

Regarding this 101534 Feature ID, when is it supposed to be completed and implemented and in which versions (Excel 2016, 2021, Office 365...) will it be?


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