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I want to Put an Image file behind The gridelines In Excel As Of My Choice Of Image Size/Ratio,Anyone Here Can Help Me In This.




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That would be the simplest solution

Fit graphic/photo into cell while holding down ALT key.

Then right click on graphic/photo:

format graphic



Dependent on cell position and size.



However, this method only works properly if the cell has the same aspect ratio as the image (almost impossible to agree on an aspect ratio with many different images).

If this is not the case, the picture will be distorted when the cell size is changed.

But at least now you know how it would go.


Of course, there is also the VBA method... but it depends on the Excel version, if not sometimes also on the operating system and storage medium.

Here is a "taster" example that I got from the internet a long time ago (unfortunately I can't remember exactly where it came from), anyway, just have a look, maybe it will help you.


Finally, please note that the cells are also subject to certain rules in Excel. If you enlarge a cell depending on the direction, the entire column or row changes or both, always after the largest object.


Hope I was able to help you with this information.



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