Ignoring zero in IF formula

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Hi all,

I'm a novice in Excel so go easy on me, but this little thing has me pulling out my hair!

I'm creating a scatter chart using error bars to draw between the scatter markers, so I need to take my (simple) data and create a positive or negative error value to determine the length of the line:





The problem I have is that I don't want any error bars when 'A3' equals exactly 0. The positive formula is fine, but the negative one, of course, will still return a value (0 - 'A2').

I've tried a bunch of different "AND" and "NOT" things, and other nested IF statements, but I'm clearly missing something pretty simple here!

So, basically, is there a way of saying:

If (A3-A2)<0, return the absolute value of (A3-A2), otherwise return 0, UNLESS A3 is exactly 0, in which case always return 0? 

Thanks in advance!






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For example







@joeexception You're a novice. I'm not a clairvoyant but perhaps theses will do what want:


Positive: =IF(A3=0,0,IF(A3-A2>0,(A3-A2),0))

Negative: =IF(A3=0,0,IF(A3-A2<0,ABS(A3-A2),0))


Or perhaps you can combine both into one:




Ooops: Didn't see the first response until I posted mine.

Outstanding! Thanks for your quick help Hans!
I just couldn't work out the order things needed to go in - knew there was something really simple I was missing.
Thanks Riny - Hans got in just before you
Too many clever boffins on this site


As variant


for negative