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Hi everyone! 

apologise for my ignorance in advance.

I have a Large sheet (sheet a)  of raw data measurements in columns specified by points of depth in rows
eg,  row1:  1.6m  , x , y , z , etc where 1.6 x, y, z are columns

I have a another sheet of data (sheet b) where there are: from depth , to depth , and a then a code text XXXXX as three columns 

which represents that type of material in that depth range. 

I want to combine the two sheets of data to a third summary sheet (sheet c) so that:


  - IF - the depth point in (sheet a) falls between the depths as from/ to column specified on sheet b... -THEN poulate the cell with the "text" column value that is specifed for that from to interval.

clear as mud? 

I hope the cloud fairies and angels out there could help me get by! 

thankyou in advance

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I can recommend the XLOOKUP() function for this. Here it would not matter if the numbers in the depth column are in sorted order. Otherwise you can also use VLOOKUP() or LOOKUP(). See my example file attached.