IFS getting #NAME? on Mac Excel V 16.37

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I have a multi worksheet file in which I want to fill two boxes conditionally across workbooks drawing from two lists. When I got #NAME? I thought it was due to long, complicated formula with all the referenced sheets. So I simplified a trial on a blank page, and the result is the same. What am I missing?

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 11.11.14 AM.png

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It's not IFS, but the text value A - it should be enclosed in ":




(Weird formula, by the way)

@Hans Vogelaar 

(Smacks head) I figured that out about a minute after I posted. 


I have a golf tournament spread sheet and the handicaps get applied per person across games, so Name = Specific Course Handicap. This helps me just put in a name and the handicap auto populates.


Thanks for the response!