IFS Function in Excel 2016

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I am using the following formula in Office 365:

     =IFS(I25>=4.51,"Critical (Level 1)",I25>=3.34,"High (Level 2)",I25>=1.67,"Medium (Level 3)",I25<1.67,"Low (Level 1)")


It works great but when I try the same formula in Excel 2016 it adds "_xlfn." before the IFS function and the formula doesn't work.  It appears that Office 365 may be needed for the IFS function so if that is the case, how can I make this formula work in Excel 2016?

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Use this backward compatible formula instead of IFS:
{“Low (Level 1)”,”Medium (Level 2)”,”High (Level 3)”,”Critical (Level 4)”})

@M_Go_Blue , IFS() is only for Office 365 subscribers and Excel 2019 https://support.office.com/en-us/article/ifs-function-36329a26-37b2-467c-972b-4a39bd951d45


Alternatives are LOOKUP() or nested IF() https://exceljet.net/formula/nested-if-function-example, IFS() was designed to replace the latest.