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I have a sheet where there are various documents that must go in a file.

When they are registered I put the word YES and when a document is missing I put the word NO.


What I want Excel to do is that in a column with the name of Missing Documents, it puts the text of the missing document based on whether its column says YES or NO, or if none is missing because in both it says YES and YES, or on the contrary that they are missing because in both I say NO and NO.




Missing DocumentsInvoicePacking List


Packing ListYES


Invoice and packing listNONO


I've been looking for the correct function and according to internet the function IF does have to work. Is it correct with IF function? If not, please share the syntax of the function. 


Thanks for your answers.

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=IF(AND(B2="YES",C2="YES"),"None",IF(AND(B2="NO",C2="YES"),"Invoice",IF(AND(B2="YES",C2="NO"),"Packing List",IF(AND(B2="NO",C2="NO"),"Invoice and packing list",""))))

You can try a nested IF formula.

yes no.JPG 

Thank you! It's correct.