A little over my head here.  I am trying to write a formula for this situation:


If contents of cell D573 (FMI) is in F178, F179, or F180, then autofill with AP178-AU178, or AP179-AU179, or AP180-AU180 (depending on where FMI is) otherwise it should be blank.



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This might be your base logic: =IF(COUNTIF($F$178:$F$180,D573)>0,"AP178-AU178","")

I'm not certain what FMI is or if AP178-AU178 are IDs or actual cell addresses. If you're able to upload a sample workbook, that'd be great.
Sorry for not explaining it well,
If Cells F178, F179, F180 have the letters "FMI"(which is the contents of cell D573), then whichever line has it needs to be subtracted. So if F178 has those letters, then it would subtract the cells AP178-AU178. If F179 has those letters then it would subtract AP179-AU179, etc...

If these letters are not in F178, F179, or F180 then this cell should stay blank. Does this help?

@erin-5304 Perhaps this:


 and copy down to F179 and F180.