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I am wondering if there is a formula for the following:

Column T (50 rows) represents descriptions

Column V (50 rows) represents a code which is linked to the description

For example:



Column H (800 rows) is a drop-down of the descriptions in column T

Column F (800 rows) should represent the code (column V) matching the description in column H 


For example:




So I am looking for an efficient way to implement in Column F something like:

IF (H1=T1;V1) or (H1=T1:T50;V1:V50) Needless to say, these formulas do not work


to automatically adjust the code in column F when a description is appointed in column H.


Is there a clever way to do so?

Hope someone can help me with this.


Thank you in advance!

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You can try INDEX and MATCH. An alternative could be VLOOKUP. If you work with Office365 you can apply XLOOKUP.

index match.JPG


YES IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much for your response!