IF this or this with two VLOOKUPs

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Hello Guys! 


Need help here:


I have this formula:
=IF(C21="PT",VLOOKUP(G18,'Tab3 *test*'!B5:I41,6,False)


I need to search for different values if C21="PT" (vlookup for one value on a diferent tab) or if C21="US" (vlookup for a another value on a different tab).

How can I merge this? 


Thank you!

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=IF(C21="PT",VLOOKUP(G18,'Tab3 *test*'!B5:I41,6,False),IF(C21="US",VLOOKUP(...),"")




=IFS(C21="PT",VLOOKUP(G18,'Tab3 *test*'!B5:I41,6,False),C21="US",VLOOKUP(...),TRUE,"")