If Then statement with ranged values

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Hi! I am trying to construct a basic If Then statement in Excel where I would like a cell to output either "Few", "Some", or "Many" based on the value of another cell. It is simple to do such a statement with two outputs... e.g., =IF(E26<8,"Few","Many"), where if the value in E26 is less than 8, my cell will output "Few" and if it is greater, it will output "Many". A note that might be pertinent is that E26 is itself the product of a SUM formula.


But, if I wanted "Few" to correspond to <8, "Some" to correspond to 8-14, and "Many" to correspond to >14... what would I write?



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Please try this...




Alternatively, if you run Excel 2019 or 365:

=IFS(E26 < 8,"Few", E26 <= 14,"Some", TRUE,"Many")
Great! Thank you - this worked nicely.

You're welcome @Noths760! Glad it worked as desired.


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