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I am trying to figure out how to write an if statement with multiple tests dealing with a project deadline. Example deadline: 11/12/2021

So if the project is “not started” and it’s within 7 days of the deadline then the cell would read “high” if it’s between 8-14 days before deadline it would read “medium”, 15 days plus before deadline it would read “low”, if “started” and 7 days before deadline “medium”, 8 plus days before “low”, if “complete” on or before deadline “low”.

Is it possible to put all of this for one cell? I’m not sure how to nest them together, I added in a picture of the statements I’m trying to do. Any help is appreciated.
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Here's a different solution, one using tables and VLOOKUP. When you write a nested IF statement, it could work with these variables, but you would not have the flexibility that this gives you.


With a table, you have the option to change the words, the cutoffs--in short--to refine the conditions and the resulting priority setting. When you hardcode that into a formula, it becomes harder to maintain.


For help in understanding VLOOKUP, let me refer you to this resource:


By the way, in the future, since you already had created a spreadsheet in order to post an image of it, it would be far more helpful to those on this site if you posted that spreadsheet itself. As it is, I had to create it from your image.....

Thank you, using the tables and VLOOKUP definitely seems easier than the IF statement. Thank you for putting this together along with the reference link so I can read up on how VLOOKUP works. In the future I will be sure to add the excel file instead of a photo. Thank you again!
You're welcome. VLOOKUP is one of the oldest and most popular of spreadsheet functions. If you really get into this stuff, you'll find that there are others, newer, that go well beyond it in power. But it's good for starting out.