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Should be a simple formula, but I'm getting errors. I have a spreadsheet with numerical values that depend on each other. Example of a problematic formula: =IF(D4>G3,(D4-G3)*90%,0) does not work. E.g. values D4 = 1.30 and G3 = 0.875. Should be 0.3825. Else 0. Howto?

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Works as intended in my sheet.

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@Quadruple_PawnThank you very much. I done exactly the same as you, but receive a popup "It is a problem with this formula".

I have tried to copy a pic of my spreadsheet with the warning, but refuses (You have not rights to upload).


A closer look tell me that you have used =WENN instead of If. But that did not help me either. I use norwegian and WENN is not recognized, but IF is.

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This is the formula for Norwegian Excel.


This is for german Excel. I didn't know which version you work with therefore i translated the formula into english.

Ops. Thought I answered it.
The case fixed. The failure was "," instead of ";"
Thanks to Quadruple_Pawn