If statement with time.

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I'm trying to have a cell that will add text based on what time it is currently. The Nested statement that I have does not put in the text.


I have A cell set to Now()

I have Cell B with the value of 7am, Cell C has the value of 8am.

The If statement would be: If Now() is less than 7 text is new cell will say "Low". Then if Now() is between 7 and 8 text will say "Med". Then if Now() is more than 8 text will say "High". 

This is what I have:



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As variant

=IF( MEDIAN($B$1:$C$1, NOW() ) = $B$1,  "Low",
 IF( MEDIAN($B$1:$C$1, NOW() ) = NOW(), "Med",
 IF( MEDIAN($B$1:$C$1, NOW() ) = $C$1,  "High"

@Sergei Baklan 

ok here is what is going on. The current time is 2:19pm
The if statement is =IF( MEDIAN($D$75:$E$75, NOW() ) =$D$75, "Low",IF( MEDIAN($D$75:$E$75, NOW() ) = NOW(), "Med",IF( MEDIAN($D$75:E$75, NOW() ) = $E$75, "High")))


This is what I'm getting







=LET(t, MOD(NOW(),1), IF(t<D75, "Low", IF(t>E75, "High", "Med")))

That worked!! thanks