If statement help: Sheet1 Col 1 equals Col 2 on sheet2, then copy Sheet2 Col 3 to Sheet1

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I attempted a formula in Sheet1 Col R.


If Sheet1 Col H = PrePlanning respnse emails Col A

Then copy PrePlanning respnse emails Col B   to Sheet1 Col R


Sorry for such simple formula help.



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The formula in R2 should be


=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(H2, 'PrePlanning respnse emails'!$A$2:$B$73, 2, FALSE),"")


The lookup range is A2:B73 (two columns). Since we don't want this range to shift as we fill down the formula, we make the reference absolute: $A$2:$B$73. If there is a match in the first column, we return a value from the second column, so the 3rd argument is 2. FALSE as 4th argument specifies that we want an exact match.

The IFERROR replaces the #N/A error if the name is not found with an empty string "".

THANKS!!! That was perfect and it works excellent. Thanks again for your time!