If other cell is blank then do this math formula here, but if other cell not blank then copy it here

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If other cell is blank, then do this math formula here. But if other cell is not blank then copy that here. For example, I have this formula: =IF(J2="","=SUM(F2:G2)*20%","=J2") but it is only copying the value/text and it won't actually do the math formula or display cell J2. Please help.

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Take away the quotes (and the extraneous equals signs). You are ASKING it to do text by putting those statements in quotes.

You have =IF(J2="","=SUM(F2:G2)*20%","=J2")

Should be =IF(J2="",SUM(F2:G2)*20%,J2)

Hi @mathetes,

That does not work. It is giving me an error.
Nevermind, I think it's working! Thank you!



If it's really not working, looking at it again, I think I'd change the 20% to a simple .2, so the revised formula would read =IF(J2="",SUM(F2:G2)*.2,J2)


I missed that the first time around, concentrating on the text aspect.