IF Index Match problem?

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I'm trying to set up a daily notification email that will pull data from a list that is added to daily and will include a minimum of four variables.  I had thought to use Index Match but can't make it work.  I'm not versed in much computer / excel language though I have used Index Match, VLookup, and Pivot tables so if you explain something, use small words and speak slowly, please.


To further explain:

I have columns for date, machine number, shift, product description, and color.  I want to set it up so that my notification table pulls the data from these columns based on the date so I don't have to hunt through, find the data, sort and type it in manually every day when I have to send out the email.


I have used index match as I said, but I was thinking that I could use an IF function to base it on the day.  Is that sound reasoning?  Or is there an easier way?  Hold my hand through this, if you would, please.


Can anyone help?

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Maybe this is too easy a problem and most of you prefer a challenge but it's a headache for me and I would really like some help. Please.
You have to upload your sample file with the specific scenario of the output you want to achieve.

Thank you for the reply.  I have uploaded the worksheet with the problem.  I hope you or someone can help me.  


Thanks again1


The actual data sheet will be thousands of lines long and may include as many as 24 machines or as few as 12 machines.  The product column could have a hundred different products and color is unlimited at this point.  I would like to have something that matches the date and the shift to the machine and brings back the product.  Then I could use the same formula to get the color that matches the product and then get it to enter the quantity in the last column.  The machine column can be pre-populated or not, the shift will always stay the same for the table, either first, second, or third.  I hope that makes sense.


Thanks for any help.

The formula in D23 is: =IFERROR(LOOKUP(PI(), 1/(($B$3:$B$18=DateMatch)*($C$3:$C$18=B23)*($D$3:$D$18=C23)), $E$3:$E$18),"") All other formulas follow the same pattern. See them here in the attached file.

Thank you!  I am very grateful.  You've saved me a lot of time and headache.

It’s my pleasure to help you.