IF functions returning *awaiting data* if the cell is blank

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Hi, I am trying to create an IF function to make a cell as awaiting data, if another cell on the same sheet is empty... I already have 3 if functions set up **=IF(F3>G3,"under capacity",IF(F3<G3,"over capacity",IF(F3=G3,"at capacity",))) ** but I want to add on to the end If G3 is blank then H3 should show as awaiting data .... can anyone suggest what script I need to use, or maybe using the IFS function would be better ??  I am incredibly new to functions and this is a learning experience exercise for me so please don't get too technical and keep it simple for me ... Thank you :)

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For example:


=IF(G3="", "awaiting data", IF(F3>G3, "under capacity", IF(F3<G3, "over capacity", IF(F3=G3,"at capacity"))))




=IFS(G3="", "awaiting data", F3>G3, "under capacity", F3<G3, "over capacity", F3=G3,"at capacity")

wow.. thank you Hans.... that was super fast reply and has worked a treat !! Where was I going wrong as I had tried if(g3)="", awaiting data at the end of my line.. but it just didn't want to work ? was it something I had done wrong ? again.. thank you for your speedy answer.. that's amazing :)


Yes, IFS would give a 'cleaner' formula


= IFS(
    value = "",       "awaiting data",
    value > capacity, "over capacity",
    value = capacity, "at capacity",
    value < capacity, "under capacity"


Here 'value' is a defined name applied to the entire list of data in column F and 'capacity' is the content of cell G3 or an array.


In general, I would try to avoid having empty records awaiting data.  It is usually better to use an Excel Table that will extend as data is added.


In  if(g3)=""  there shouldn't be a closing parenthesis ) after g3, for that makes Excel think the formula ends there. It should be at the very end of the formula instead.

ahhhh ok. thank you :)