IF functions not working

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I'm not able to use IF functions in cell directly..... I've to go to logical tab again and again to use the formula...Always shows this lineAlways shows this line 

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Since font size is smaller so that unable to see the formula properly, but meanwhile I would like so suggest two best possible formula:



  • Formula in cell G88:
  • Another is in cell H88:



  • In case these doesn't works then edit your post & share the formula with us you have tried so far.
  • Adjust cell references & ranks as needed.


@iamagarwalx I believe the error is caused by the "tripple" quotation mark in your formula. 

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 07.57.30.png

Replace it with a regular quotation mark, just like the others. Then it shall work.


If only other ones are double quotes, not repeated two times single quotes