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I need to find a Formula which counts how often a Company wrote for example “digital” on their website Perfect would be to just count the keyword if the URL has another keyword (for example Imprint or blog) in it

the thing is that I really don't know how to make it .. any help ?

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For example:


=COUNTIFS('www gastronovi com_de_'!B:B,"*digital*",'www gastronovi com_de_'!B:B,"*blog*")


In German:


=ZÄHLENWENNS('www gastronovi com_de_'!B:B;"*digital*";'www gastronovi com_de_'!B:B;"*blog*")

@Hans Vogelaar  the thing is that there should be connection between column A and B because i want to count keywords under the condition that the URL has the possibility to have an another keyword 


How about


=COUNTIFS('www gastronovi com_de_'!B:B,"*digital*",'www gastronovi com_de_'!A:A,"*blog*")


=ZÄHLENWENNS('www gastronovi com_de_'!B:B;"*digital*";'www gastronovi com_de_'!A:A;"*blog*")

unfortunatly no because i also have to add only two attributes to the formula not 4


I'm sorry, you've lost me.

thank you anyway