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i have been browsing the internet for last 2 hours and couldnt find the answer.
I have a question where i compare numbers wich return results accordingly in true or false wich then is further cunted how many falses are there. If value is greater than 0 it returns false no problem ofcourse. The problem occurs when i want it to type put not ok instead of false. The whole thing collapses i tried on mobile excel and computer nowhere seems for function to work and i litteraly copy pasted the function from support website and it didnt work.
The function in problem is:
IF(D20;D20>0, "NotOk")
I tried also IF(D20>0, "NotOk").
I am very aware how functions work in excel i just cant seem to get it to work to display difirent text than false. And i copy pasted multiple functions from the web.
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That's like

=IF(D20>0, "Perhaps Okey", "Not Ok")

=IF(condition, some value/expression if TRUE, another value/expression if FALSE)

Depends on locale it could be comma or semicolon as separator.

Thats exactly what i copied and it doesent work. I tried using , . : ; even | before "text" and it wont work it always returns error in function. I am using slovenian excel. I even tried 'text'


Please open attached file, formula is in D18. Formula will be automatically transformed for your locale.

@Sergei Baklan it magicly started to work even on previus functions i tried to make them work. Even at work computer first it didnt work then i tried again after pressing enter a couple of times and suddenly it worked. I dont know why and i very appriciate your help (:

@Kacion , you are welcome. In case on other questions better if you attach sample file, it'll be easier to find what's wrong.