IF Function

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How would I use the IF function or any other function to make the response acid (<7.35) Neutral (7.35-7.45) and Alkaline (>7.45)?



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Let's say the number is in A2.

In another cell, say B2:




This can be filled down if required.

@Safi23 As a variant:



Thank you so much! you saved me so much time!
If C8 shows 'Macrocytic' for example and C9 shows 'Hyperchromic' how would I make C10 say 'Iron deficiency' ? and then change depending on the word combinations?



=IF(AND(C8="Macrocytic",C9= "Hyperchromic"), "Iron Deficiency", IF(AND(C8="...", C9="..."), "...", "..."))


But if you have many combinations, it would be better to create a lookup table. We'd need to have detailed information if you want help with that.

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I think a lookup table would be best



In C10, confirmed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter: