IF function: using a true or false condition value but over multiple columns

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Need help please.


Easy to do the IF function for a Yes and No column but how do i do a scorecard with three columns making use of the working Like "need attention" - Good - Excellent where by Needs attention scores 0 and Good scores ,5 and Excellent 1,0?


Please assist.



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I hope I understand your question correctly. If you want to evaluate a cell according to several specific expressions, this can be done with very different functions. All formulas assume that your value is in A1.

=IFS(A1="Needs attention",0,A1="Good scores",5,A1="Excellent",1)

=SWITCH(A1,"Needs attention",0,"Good scores",5,"Excellent",1,"")

=XLOOKUP(A1,{"Needs attention";"Good scores";"Excellent"},{0;5;1},"")