IF Function in sales pipeline

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I am creating a sales pipeline. I would like a column where revenue is recognised only if it is committed revenue. I mark committed revenue by marking a column by %. So when cell  C4=100% (committed) N4 to show the SUM total of G4:L4Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 15.42.12.png

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The formula should be a fairly simple =IF(C4=1,SUM(G4:L4),0)
I used 1 for the sought value in C4, because that is the figure that displays as 100% if you've formatted that as a number and percentage......if you've got it as text (which you shouldn't) then it wouldn't work.

So if my solution doesn't work, please tell us not only what you would like to have done, but also what the formula is that you've entered that is resulting in the error message. For future reference, if you end up posting other requests for help, an image is nowhere near as valuable as it is to post a copy of your actual spreadsheet.