IF Function and true value

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I need some assistance to work out how to have the below for each subsequence cell  refer to the same location each for each cell


=IF(K58="Settlement Run",Users!B5, IF(K58="Bpay Fees",Users!B8," "))


when copying this formula to the below cells it updates the above to the following 


=IF(K59="Settlement Run",Users!B6, IF(K59="Bpay Fees",Users!B9," "))


my aim is to have the only the below update in each cell e.g.


=IF(K58="Settlement Run",Users!B5, IF(K58="Bpay Fees",Users!B8," "))

=IF(K59="Settlement Run",Users!B5, IF(K59="Bpay Fees",Users!B8," "))

=IF(K60="Settlement Run",Users!B5, IF(K60="Bpay Fees",Users!B8," "))


I need this to be the case for cells K1 - K1500


Apologies if this has not made much sense and very thankful for any assistance 

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You need to make absolute reference for cell Users!B5. Try below formula.


=IF(K58="Settlement Run",Users!$B$5, IF(K58="Bpay Fees",Users!$B$8," "))
Change Users!B5 to Users!$B$5