If Function = Add cell totals when criteria is met

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I am using the IF function in Smartsheet, format is just a bit different, example below:


I reference 4 "Date" columns: Ship Month, Deposit Month, Install Month, Other Month - if the criteria is met (Ship Month= 2021-10), then I need to Sum the respective Revenue columns: Shipment Rev, Deposit Rev, Install Rev and Other Rev. The formula below does return a value, but it is only the first value where criteria is found. Is there any way to sum all Revenue items that meet the "2021-10" criteria?


=IF([Ship Month]@row = "2021-10", [Shipment Rev]@row, IF([Deposit Month]@row = "2021-10", [Deposit Rev]@row, IF([Install Month]@row = "2021-10", [Install Rev]@row, IF([Other Month]@row = "2021-10", [Other Revenue]@row, ))))

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@happy2belisac I believe you can use SUMIF, demonstrated in the example attached. It may or may not resemble your actual situation, but hopefully it will put you into the right direction. If not, better to upload a file that does reflect the actual table you are working with.