IF formule with 0 in cell doesnt retrieve the correct matches

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Hi all,


I have a file with numbers-> IF(B2>5;"ok";not"ok), Those numbers are retrieved via a Vlookup and in the Vlookup I added an IFNA --> if the corresponding name is not in the database, it should not give a N/A but a "0". But in the IF formule, if there is a 0 in the cell, the IF formula doesn't work properly as the IF gives for every 0 a "ok" which should be "not ok" because its <5. I am not able to find out what the problem is.


I hope someone can help me.

Many Thanks.


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In the IFNA formula, use 0 (without quotes) instead of "0".



It's working without the " indeed! Many thanks for your quick reply!