IF formular with statement "end with"


Hi all,

i want to get the result, that, the order No containing A will be called "Back order", and without A, will be TIP. how do i do that using if formula?


Order NonvoiceStatusCustomerDateDateReferenceWhseRepCostOrderShippedGP%Type
2913292AA2591963T'sfer proZZTOW23-Apr-2223-Apr-22Stock TransferDGW1SHP485.67559.57559.5713.20% 
29134862591873T'sfer proZZGER22-Apr-2222-Apr-22CABBAGE ORDERDGW1SHP615.100******* 
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@Emmanuel041 Something like this:


=IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("A",A2)),"Back order","TIP")


where A2 refers to the cell with the order no.