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How do I do an if formula with multiple conditions. I think what I am looking for would be an If And formula but I am struggling to work out how to do it.


I currently have =IF(B1='Haulier Log'!C3,'Haulier Log'!C4,"")


B1 = tomorrow's date 

Haulier log C3 = A date

Haulier log C4 = text


I want the info from C4 to to automatically be shown if B1 and Haulier Log C3 are the same. This currently works with the formula I have but I then have an issue when I want to insert multiple conditions, as I need the same to happen for each day of the month.


Thanks in advance


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You can probably use one of the lookup functions, but we need details about your setup. Could you attach a sample workbook without sensitive information?


=HLOOKUP(B2,'Haulier log'!$C$3:$J$4,2,FALSE)


I understand your return data in sheet "Haulier log" is in horizontal order as shown in the attached file. Maybe the above formula is what you are looking for. 


@Hans Vogelaar 


Thank you, I have attached a copy.


I want the formula to go into column E on the tabs named the days of the week.


So really when the date in the haulier log matches the day I am planning, I want the info to be populated.



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In E3:

=INDEX('Haulier Log'!$C$4:$AG$16,MATCH($A3,'Haulier Log'!$A$4:$A$16,0),MATCH($B$1,'Haulier Log'!$C$3:$AG$3,0))

Fill down.

See the attached version.

I changed the dates in row 3 of the Haulier Log sheet to dates in this month (you had dates in January of 2022), and entered fake data below.

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thank you very much!!