IF formula with multiple conditions

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Hey guys, 

I'm definitely not good at this and would need some kind help from you.


Is there a formula that says:

IF column F has name (MARIO) and column N has the value (0 - 84.9%) then column N will need to be (0.12).


The value in brackets will change.

Also, if possible, I would like that the value displayed in column N is taken from a table that would be in another tab of the same sheet.


Thanks a lot for helping! 

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Is (0 - 84.9%) a literal text value or does it stand for the range from 0% to 84.9%?

it's just a text value. I will have to use the following:
0 - 84.9%
85 - 94.9%
95 - 99.9%


Create a lookup table like this, on a sheet named (for example) List:


On the other sheet, enter the following formula in row 2 in the column where you want to return the result:

=IF(F2="Mario", IFERROR(VLOOKUP(N2, List!$A$1:$B$5, 2, FALSE), ""), "")

This can be filled down.

thanks @HansVogelaar ! it doesn't seem to work though, no error, just empty result :(
Could you please also show me the simple version without the Vlookup in case I want to add the table on the same sheet?
thanks so much for helping!


It would work the same with the table on the same sheet. Here is my test workbook.



thanks! not sure what's wrong but the cell is empty 



You originally mentioned that the breakdown was in column N, so the formula looks at column N.

The breakdown is now in column L, so you should change N2 to L2.