=if Formula need cell to stay blank until data is entered

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I've been at this for a while and I can't seem to make this work.  I have a cell I need to stay blank until a text is added to a different cell.  Here is what the formula looks like.


Team 1 
Team 2 

Team 1 is B2

Team 2 is B4


I need the cell the formula is typed in to stay blank until the word Team 1 or Team 2 is typed in cell C3.

I feel like I'm getting close but I can't seem to get it.  Any suggestions are appreciated. 



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Try this formula: =IFS(C3="","",C3=B2,B4,C3=B4,B2)


I replicated your little diagram with this formula in cell A1 and it stayed blank until I put one of the entries into Cell C3.

The IFS function is a good one to add to your repertoire. It can easily handle multiple conditions and consequences. Here's a good explanation of it. https://exceljet.net/excel-functions/excel-ifs-function





Tried that.  What populates in that cell is #NAME?  


Please attach your spreadsheet. You're doing something wrong if that's what you get. And/or be a bit more clear in describing what you've done. You say you "tried it": before or after my suggestion? Could you show us the formula you used?


Anyway, here's the working sample I created.



Your point being?

Surely it isn't that the formula in that sheet is doing what you wanted it to. It doesn't stay blank until the winner is entered in C3. The formula I gave you works as you requested.

If you have any interest at all in continuing this exchange, I'd suggest trying a few more words of explanation--it's called "communicating"-- else ""
I'm not sure at what part of this exchange you were offended. For that I apologize. This was my first time using this site, or any site for that matter, to figure out formulas. I figured I'd give it a try. I do appreciate your help though. Have a good day.



Let me help you understand, then. Thank you for apologizing. In brief, everything you posted after your first was very curt and uninformative. In my first response, I gave you a formula that did what you requested. You came back with the curt 


but "that" --if you'd really used the formula I sent--does not give you a #NAME error. So I replied asking for more information on what it actually was that you tried, what the actual formula was that you'd written, not just an ambiguous "that"...and then I attached a working spreadsheet that included the working formula.

To which you replied with an even more curt and dismissive


I don't have any idea what "Spoiler" was about, clicking on it revealed a blank screen. And the attached spreadsheet with your formula gave FALSE (not #NAME) in the cell where your formula was written. I still see no evidence that you've done anything with the working formula I gave you.

So that last posting from you was about as unhelpful, uncommunicative--and, yes, rude--posting that I can imagine. It says nothing about the formula and spreadsheet I'd given you, it has that mysterious "Spoiler" box, and a still not working effort of your own.


THAT is why I said if you want to continue then you need to be more communicative.


I'd be happy to continue if you can be more communicative. I like helping people resolve questions regarding Excel, but there does need to be more two-way give and take.