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Hi there!


I have forecast sheets where I want text to trigger a calculation. 


I've tried an If formula previously but it seems to breakdown and not return the right value. 


How would I do this? CAN I do this?


example (not proper, sorry): 

IF(A1="Uncommitted"*0.2, ="Upside"*0.4) and so on


Uncommitted - $1000 - 0.20

Upside            - $500   - 0.40

At Risk            - $1000 - 0.60

Committed     - $800   - 0.80


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Not sure what the result should be, but I think this simple IF formula might help you.

Formula and example in the included file.



@NikolinoDE Thank you but not quite there. 
My apologies for not being clear. That's the right direction though.
Essentially I have a dollar amount & I have a "stage" & the stage has a modifier/weighting. So if it's "Upside" the modifier is 40%/0.4.
What I want is to have a formula where I can input the amount and select the stage and spit out the weighted amount without having to do it manually for each row.
So I'd like the text to trigger the calculation.
So in the attached version I want cell A's text to multiply cell B's amount to get to cell C

Stage Amount Weighted Value
Uncommitted  $1000  200
Upside  $           1,000400
At Risk  $1000  600
Committed  $           1,000800


Something like in the pasted formula?

See file, please :)