If date is a specific day, then add a number of days

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Hi folks, 

Trying to work out a formula for a weekly updating date field.

We have 6 regular meetings on different days of the week, and I want it to show the date for next week.


I have todays date updating (c1)

I have a formula to tell me what 'day' todays date is. (b1)

In each column for the separate meetings, how do I do

Meeting 1 - Mondays; Meeting 2, Tuesdays

"If B1 = monday, add '7' days (to C1), if B1 = Tuesday, add 8 days (to C1) and so on...."



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Hi @lisab705 




In B4 then copy right:


@L z. 

Sorry I may not have explained it well.

Each meeting is on a specific  day of the week, so the date needs to change based on that day.

I don't think your formula quite captures that?






Still unclear to me. Your picture shows a meeting on Fri that's on 31/07 THIS WEEK (the 31st of July isn't a Friday), then 2 meetings on Weds with 2 different date THIS WEEK...


Suggestion: upload another picture with the actual/accurate dates for THIS WEEK + the dates you expect for NEXT WEEK

@L z. 

The dates were in there based on your formula.  Now it shows

B1 = todays day

C1 -  todays date

E1-J1 i've manually inputted dates for this week however would like these to manually update based on 'todays date'

E2-J1 i've manually inputted dates for NEXT week however would like these to manually update based on 'todays date'


If we can't do a 'this week /next week', perhaps we could could simply do 'the next meeting date (base doff todays date)'


i.e. if B1 = friday, and J1 = friday, then you simply add 7 days to todays date. ( i feel like it's an 'IFS' function but unsure how to combine them...







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in E1 and copy right until J1:

=$C1-WEEKDAY($C1,3)+MATCH(E3, {"Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat"}, 0)-2

in E2 and copy right until J2:


 Corresponding sample attached



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Forgot to mention, if you run Excel 2021 or 365 clear the content of E1:J2:


then in E1:

    ThisWeek, $C1-WEEKDAY($C1,3)+XMATCH(E3:J3, {"Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat"})-2,
    CHOOSE({1;2}, ThisWeek, ThisWeek+7)


Amazing job - i would never have figured that out! - saves me a bit of time each week now! Thanks so much.
Glad I could help & Thanks for providing feedback